Mario Kart PSP (lua)

Avoid all the Enemies and Obstacles along the way! The roads of the Mushroom Kingdom are dangerous! Join Mario and his friends in the PSP homebrew to make the finish unharmed! You can choose out 10 different characters and more than 10 stages. Also, do a 1 on 1 race with a friend, and it requires only one PSP system!

Making its tribute to the PSP Genesis Competition in 2011, many people soon wanted more, and they got it, because the second update came September 11th, 2011, and soon more updates would follow… But before that, the game was already playable. The original version, originally created by Dark_momo, has always been used as an inspiration and modified to the versions that are playable today.

 The simple game and style were liked by many people, and becoming not only my most popular projects but also well known in the PSP scene. Big PSP sites began recognizing the attention that was given by the fans, and the updates started coming and coming until the ideas were running dry for some time.

In these updates not much was changing, most of the times some stages were added, or bug fixes were necessary, until version 4.7. This version added some sort of multiplayer that was coded by the PSP developer Killerfeeshy but integrated into Mario Kart PSP by me. Since then, this feature is one of the main reasons for the popularity of Mario Kart PSP.

There are many things that fans want to see before it’s too late, things like online infrastructure multiplayer, bigger stages etc. But those things will change the whole game, but will it change for the good? Or for the bad?

Other versions:

Version 4.8Version 4.7Version 4.5Version 4.0

Version 3.3Version 3.2Version 3.0

Version 2.9Version 2.8Version 2.7Version 2.6Version 2.5Version 2.1Version 2.0

Version 1.5Version 1.1Version 1.0













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