Sonymon (Homebrew)

Fix the mess created by the wild Sonymon!


Created by the founder of KosmicSoft Development, Sonymon is an amazing game, and back when it first released, one of a kind PSP Homebrew. Many people kept comparing Sonymon with Pokémon, but the developer V@ughn stated that it will only remain similar to Pokémon.

If anything, I do not want sonymon to become pokemon. That is not what this project is about. If I wanted to make a pokemon homebrew I would have just used premade art and sounds and maps, and this project would be a whole lot simplet. No, the aim of this project is to create a game similar to pokemon. This is what we keep in mind while we continue to work on it.

After 9 beta releases, the first “stable” Sonymon version was released on Dec 31, 2011.


Sonymon is not a simple Homebrew game to make. With somewhat 15000 lines of code, this game took much time to create. The gameplay is similar to the famous Pokémon franchise, despite being able to catch other creatures. You can train your comrade Sonymon, and help to stop the outraging wild Sonymon.

The v0.3 update added new characters, which were either heavily or fully influenced by the Pokémon bootleg game Pokémon Chaos Black. Some of these sprites remained the same name respectively.

This Homebrew game is still changing with in-game graphics and the game style. A sequel to the game might appear on iPhone and Android, but the development of this sequel has not been started.

Since Aug. 2014, the project is splitting up. The iOS and Android version are heading a new direction, with new sprites, controls worlds, and ideas, while the PSP version remains with small updates. The project will be carried out by Modoka Studios, and likely appear on iOS and Android devices.


Other Versions

Version 0.3 Early — Version 0.3

Version 0.2 Early — Version 0.2

Version 0.1 Early — Version 0.1 

Version Beta 9